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/ / In order to preview the product in Google Earth please download the KML of the product for .
For offline preview please download the KMZ of the product for .

* Daily products are available only to Premium Users. Other users may only download Sample KMZ including all the products of the date 21/01/2009 for demonstration purposes.

* Sample KMZ for a specific day.
  • Web page has been established in order to give information about the National Satellite Based Data Archive (N.A.S.A.B.A.D.A.) System
  • This web page is still in development phase, therefore there may be some inconsistencies
  • Fully functional web page will be available as sson as possible
  • web page can be controlled using toolbar
  • In order to use the database, selecting the date from the date picker is enough. To go to the next and previous days, "next" and "previous" day button can be used.

  • Different types of products can be chosen from the "type" section of the toolbar,
  • You are welcome to send feedback to us related with the web page and the project(info@nasabada.com)
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