Welcome to the N.A.S.A.B.A.D.A.

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It is the abreviation for National Satellite Based Data Archive , which is a unique platform developed by Beray Engineering Company.


With NASABADA Project, developing main layers for areas such as: agriculture, forest, climate, hydrology, environmental dynamics, tourism, transportation, meteorology, energy, etc. by using the data provided with optical and microwave satellite sensor platforms is targeted. And while developing those algorithms priority will be using the national resources and proving a know-how for national information infrastructure.

In general, production examples of the satellite-based data-oriented are usually on global and and focused on a specific satellite. However, the products which are going to be produced in our country, is going to be consistent with our country's geographical conditions, and they are going to be supported by ground information and a time series evaluation is essential as well. Using different features of satellite data with blending ground data to develop and provide the results to the users of these products forms the subject of the project.




  • Web page has been established in order to give information about the National Satellite Based Data Archive (N.A.S.A.B.A.D.A.) System
  • This web page is still in development phase, therefore there may be some inconsistencies
  • Fully functional web page will be available as sson as possible
  • web page can be controlled using toolbar
  • In order to use the database, selecting the date from the date picker is enough. To go to the next and previous days, "next" and "previous" day button can be used.

  • Different types of products can be chosen from the "type" section of the toolbar,
  • You are welcome to send feedback to us related with the web page and the project(info@nasabada.com)
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