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The property of high reflectivity of snow covered surface has been used as the starting point of snow detection from satellite imagery. In Fractional Snow Covered Area Product of NASABADA project, the surface reflectance values that are athmospherically corrected from MODIS imagery has been used. An algorithm which is based on calculation of NDSI (Normalized Difference Snow Index) has been developed. NASABADA fractional snow covered area product is being produced daily having 500 meters spatial resolution. The fractional snow covered area has been given in percentage (%) in the product.

Sample Product

Date Explanation Download
24 /3 /2012 In order to preview the product in Google Earth please download the KML of the product snowmask for 2012084.
For offline preview please download the KMZ of the product snowmask for 2012084.

* Daily products are available only to Premium Users. Other users may only download Sample KMZ including all the products of the date 21/01/2009 for demonstration purposes.

* Sample KMZ for a specific day.
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